Hillside and River


This view...

is from the East side of the garden, where there are three Eucalyptus trees (although most of one of these blew down on Boxing Day 2017), and closer to the river a large fallen tree, probably a Beech, with a bog garden around.


The 'carriageway' ...

is the main path that runs from the house down to the river . On the hillside below the carriageway are a number of specimen trees, some dating from the original plantings in the late 19th Century.

IMG_1550 (1).jpg

There is a beautiful old single Oak in the middle of the water meadow. This supports many ferns, moss and lichen.


There is also a damaged but surviving Cedar of Lebanon. Further down the Carriageway a flight of granite steps leads up to a Coast Redwood, with great views across the water meadow.


Much of the steep area behind the Redwood has become dominated by rampant Laurel, but we have opened up a path giving more views across the meadow and down to the river.