Making kindling while the sun shines

Last Tuesday although it was still only mid-February it felt like spring. The sun shone all day, the daffodils started to bloom and the frogs were mating in the pond. A week later, the sun is still shining but it is about 10 degrees colder with snow forecast for tomorrow and Friday.

Over breakfast we were distracted by a small flock of birds in Duncan’s field. Too far away to identify reliably, but probably redwing, possibly with some fieldfares among them too. Redwing from Scandinavia tend to winter in Southern Britain, while the darker and more heavily spotted Icelandic redwing tend to over winter in Scotland and Ireland.                                               


So I spent an hour this morning chopping logs, making kindling, and stacking up all the wood baskets in the house ready for the even colder weather ahead. The Chagford forecast for tomorrow suggests only light snow showers but wind speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, whereas the Gidleigh forecast says heavy snow showers at 18:00 tomorrow but lighter winds. Unlikely for the temperature to rise above freezing.