A Treasure Hunt

Pride rock_dawncllearing.jpg

When Dawn helped clear off the view point known as ‘Pride Rock’ in early April, we had no idea that this would become the destination for a treasure hunt.

The previous owners Jon and Anna had named this view point 'Pride Rock' because it reminded their family of the look-out rock in the film the Lion King. This huge slab of granite has the remains of an old cast iron railing suggesting it has been used in the distant past as a good place to look down on the river and across to the impressive Redwood above the main path.

While clearing the rock of moss and ivy, Dawn and I discovered a short flight of old granite steps leading up to a hollow tree. Peering inside you see a strange assembly of lichen, rotting wood and spiders webs, but sadly no treasure.

The hollow tree has grown to be part of the granite outcrop

The hollow tree has grown to be part of the granite outcrop

Last weekend we welcomed several colleagues from the University for lunch and a walk. Eight-year-old Edward gave us all the excuse to have a treasure hunt, as a way of exploring the garden. The hollow tree behind ‘Pride Rock’ was the perfect place to hide some treasure and Edward did a great job of cracking the clues as he led the rest of the group on an expedition. 

At the end of the afternoon Edward drew this lovely detailed map of the garden to show where the treasure had been hidden. We will clearly have to find some new secret hiding places before his next visit. 

Edward's map.jpg