St Olaves under Radford junior and the Barkers, 1896-1907

On his death in July 1896 all Radford’s estate, including his properties, valued at almost £10,000 net at probate, passed to his son, also named William Tucker Arundel Radford (1861-1915). The following year, William junior married Mary Baker, daughter of Royal Navy Commander Robert Baker (deceased), who had also served as Superintendent in the Devon Constabulary. The local paper described it as ‘a fashionable wedding’ and noted that the newly-weds took up residence at St Olaves, rather than at Down St Mary.

In May 1898 Mrs. Radford placed an advertisement for both a Parlour Maid and a Housemaid for St Olaves. The advert ran for 4 consecutive weeks in the Devon and Exeter Gazette and required that the girls be ‘Churchwomen’ (i.e. members of the Church of England) and offered the salary of £18 per annum.

A history of the Cheriton hounds first published in 1925

A history of the Cheriton hounds first published in 1925

William junior appears to have been a typical countryman with hunting, shooting and fishing high on his agenda. He was for 40 years a member and latterly Master of the Cheriton Otter Hounds (which organised the hunting of otters on the Teign and other Devon rivers – this country ‘sport’ was only outlawed in 1978). Various reports of his prowess with a gun appeared in the local papers, and on one occasion he was reported to have caught ‘34 fine trout, 10 of them weighing over 5lbs each’ on the river at St Olaves.

But by the end of that year, in December 1898, Radford had decided to sell up in Murchington, and we find the entire contents of St Olaves, including furniture, livestock and even a horse and trap, being advertised for sale by auction in the Devon and Exeter Gazette. By separate arrangement Radford had sold St Olaves to yet another clergyman, the Rev. Alfred G. Barker and his wife Agnes. The Barkers owned St Olaves for eight years, but when Alfred died in late 1906 his widow immediately placed the estate on the market, and by March 1907 she was also selling its entire contents by auction.